Open Source .NET – 1 year later

Performance is a Feature!

A little over a year ago Microsoft announced that they were open sourcing large parts of the .NET framework. At the time Scott Hanselman did a nice analysis of the source, using Microsoft Power BI. Inspired by this and now that a year has passed, I wanted to try and answer the question:

How much Community involvement has there been since Microsoft open sourced large parts of the .NET framework?

I will be looking at the 3 following projects, as they are all highly significant parts of the .NET ecosystem and are also some of the most active/starred/forked projects within the .NET Foundation:
Roslyn – The .NET Compiler Platform („Roslyn“) provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs.
CoreCLR – the .NET Core runtime, called CoreCLR, and the base library, called mscorlib. It includes the garbage collector, JIT compiler, base .NET data…

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